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Gallery Name: Zeter's Party.

Total Images in Album: 30.




Zack hosts an end-of-the-year-thank-god-I'm-graduating-party. Most CE's happily attend.




 No caption available.

 The new Kodak quad, and four people.


 Ride the symbol Matt!

 The true quad, infinite loop and all.


 No caption available.

 The only pic of Rick I've got.


 The only pic of John I've got. He actually meant to do that!

 No caption available.


 Zack's shooting talent.

 Mike and me.


 Zack and a REALLY long exposure. I'm the ghost behind his chair.

 My hair for the day.


 No caption available.

 Zack, his gf, and Craig.


 Say hello to Craig's bum.



 Dancing like drunken idiots before getting drunk.



 Carter! You got your tongue pierced?

 Beer pong championships.


 We gotta get dressed up, she is!

 Hey guys, pose quick.


 Mike, self-defined champion.

 More chillin'


 Drunken dancing, at least one of 'em is drunk though.

 Everyone's showing up now!


 Decent group shot. Carter, Mark, Jenn, Craig, Nirav, and Mike.

 More people, I took the best I could. It is an RIT apartment after all.


 More people...

 The day after.