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Gallery Name: Christmas 2003.

Total Images in Album: 29.




Lots of people, lots of presents. What more could I ask for?




 Mom likes her gift.

 Justin and Caroline.


 Justin and Caroline. Justin doesn't like what he sees.

 Christmas tree.


 Christmas tree.

 Christmas tree.


 Aunt Teri and Debbie.

 Christmas Eve food.






 No caption available.


 Mom and Aunt Teri.

 Aunt Teri's big present, a computer.


 Uncle Harold got some shoes.



 Christmas Day food.

 Shelby and Robert.


 Dave and Miss B.

 Robert's hiding.


 Robert's playing.

 Roberts loves to OPEN gifts, and I guess he likes to use them too.



 Robert's tired of photos.


 Dayna, Danny, and Robert.



 Miss B and Mom.

 Debbie playing with Robert.


 Debbie with Robert, my favorite action shot.