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Gallery Name: Road Trip 3.

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Third stop, now in Washington DC. Smithsonian American History Museum.




 Smithsonian American History Museum. Everyone's got an infinity loop.

 The Pentagon flag. This was dropped the day after the attacks on the Pentagon 9/11.


 Me and a buffalo.

 Me and Superman. He's pure American history.


 An actual ENIAC. WOOT! I am such a geek.

 Data input for the ENIAC.


 This would be an A-Bomb.

 Scary freaking mannequin. He's punching in input to a UNIVAC.


 Closeup of the register selector knobs.

 Archaic IBM mainframe.


 Pre-silicon wiring. Cool!

 The one and only Deep Blue. Chess Champion.


 Ori and Washington. What's he doing here? Guarding the escalators?

 The original Smithsonian castle. Now home to offices, WOW!


 The castle closer.