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Gallery Name: Road Trip 4.

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The Capitol, Supreme Court, and Washington's Monument.




 Taft's memorial.

 My view of the Capitol bldg.


 Dominating Capitol.

 The National Mall, and the Washington Monument in the distance.


 Top of the dome.

 Various statues adorning the main hall. The paintings were magnificent.



 Fresca painting. The detail is amazing.


 Closeup of the top of the dome painting. (It's very high up.)

 Old meeting room, now lots of statues. Each statue is donated by a different state.


 A copy of the Declaration of Independence adorning one of two fireplaces.

 Ori poses in front of The National Mall.


 Misunderstood naked sea-people in front of The Library of Congress.

 The Library of Congress. Didn't take the time to go inside.


 The Supreme Court.

 Me and columns of the Supreme Court.


 Without Marshall, The Supreme Court wouldn't exist.

 No photos of the actual courtroom allowed. Can you tell the difference?


 Washington's stone in his monument.

 Very patriotic Washington Memorial.