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Gallery Name: Road Trip 5.

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Last stop on my Spring Break Road Trip. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, Arlington National Cemetary, Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial.




 Infinity loop in front of Smithsonian Air and Space.

 Earhart's plane.


 Various deadly missiles.

 Old fashioned CRAY super computer.


 Random satellite made by Breitling. They make watches AND satellites!

 Arlington Nationional Cemetary, Women's Memorial.



 Arlington with Eagles.


 Inside the Women's Memorial were various tributes to 9/11 including this flag quilt.

 Needlepoint recognizing the Pentagon attack.


 Taft's headstone, Arlington.

 Lincoln looks dreamy. Night has that effect.


 Glowing Lincoln memorial.

 Across the reflecting pool minus any water.


 Heavenly Lincoln Memorial. Best I can do without a tripod.

 That would be the Jefferson Memorial. Ten points if you guessed correctly.



 Better Jefferson picture. The darn tour group refused to leave.


 Ori and Mason.