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Gallery Name: NYC Auto Show '04.

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Here's my rendition of the NY Auto Show, 2004. My fav's are the new Corvette, Ford GT, and of course the entire Audi display especially the funky I Robot concept.




 Toyota concept. Don't expect production.

 Toyota concept.


 Toyota concept.

 Chevy Nomaaaad.


 Corvette C6 platform.

 That would be the new Corvette. I think she's demo-ing the radio, WOW MUSIC NOW!


 Maserati production, not sure of model.

 Bentley production, Arnage T?


 Ford GT, I love this supercar.

 Ford GT.


 Ford GT.

 Ford GT.


 Ford GT.

 Ford Bronco concept, I hope they bring back the name. This car will likely never see prod.


 Shelby Cobra, absolutely gorgeous. This should be production soon.

 Shelby, he autographed it!


 Ford GTR, nifty paint job.

 Ford GTR.


 Shelby Cobra, Made In Detroit. Deal With It.

 The new Ford Mustang, can't wait to see 'em on the road.


 One last Ford GT shot.

 The Ford area was quite busy.


 A Volvo made entirely outta legos. Wouldn't it have made more sense to make an Element outta them?

 Nifty Volvo concept, the YCC.


 Front of the Volvo YCC.

 The Volvo HAPPY car! (Just a painted S40.)


 Jordan with the HAPPY car.

 Aston Martin DB9, I should be so lucky.


 Lincoln Aviator concept, pretty spiffy but the production looks nothing like it.

 The back is transparent, I can see what the kids are watching!


 Some other Lincoln concept. Not sure.

 My baby Audi TT. This is the new 3.2 V6 available now.


 My baby Audi TT.

 The Audi concept for the I Robot movie, AWESOME!


 Audi Concept. Notice the wheel wells are touching the ground.

 Gullwing doors look cool.


 That's one mean Audi.

 No flash Audi.


 Apparently production Volkswagen SUV that's not a Tourareg.

 Volkswagen SUV.


 Back of the Volkswagen SUV.

 Saab 9-3 concept, right next to the production model. I guess this won't be made.


 Very sweet Saturn Curve concept. A Saturn sports car? Never gonna happen.

 No idea.


 I thought this was the M-E-4-12, but it's not, any ideas?

 Funky Nissan concept, the trailer's built in!


 The front of the Nissan buggy.

 Sleek looking Lexus concept.


 This Lexus might bite!

 Just a random Mercedes. Honestly I can't tell which from the headlights alone.


 The new Mercedes / McLaren joint venture supercar.

 Acura. I thought this was the new NSX, but C'nD says the new NSX was badged Honda.


 Honda/Acura area exposure shot.

 Nice little Dodge Slingshot.


 Freakish Mitsubishi "Sport Utility Truck."

 Back of the freak Mitsubishi.


 Another freakish Mitsubishi. This is the Eclipse concept.

 I like the paint of it, that's about it.


 Try and figure out if the Eclipse is coming or going (see above photo).

 The new Lotus Elise. Coming soon!


 The Morgan Aero 8. Yep, they're back.