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Gallery Name: PHX Apartment.

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This gallery includes some landscaping around my apartment then a walkthrough before any furniture was moved in. The walkthrough is in order -> Living, Dining, Kitchen, Guest Bath, Master Bed, Master Bath, Guest Bed. It makes a figure eight through my place.




 Fish abound in the pond by the office.

 The residence of our territorial turtle. Do Not Approach.


 Same pond from the other side.

 Living room, window looks out on park.


 Dining room, the lighting can be seen from living room. The door leads to my porch and laundry.

 Kitchen from dining room.


 Guest bathroom.

 Master bedroom from hall.


 Master bath from master bedroom.

 Master bath continued.


 Hall from master bedroom.

 Guest bedroom (soon to be office).


 Other wall of guest bedroom from the closet.

 One of these is mine.


 My stair from further away.

 The walk towards parking.


 The closest pool there's ugly fencing surrounding it.

 One of my lizard friends.