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2003.12.08 - 2004.02.27
Research Project. Advisor: Dr. Shaaban. Embedded Processing, Digital Signal Processing.
Researching software and hardware solutions through an FPGA-enabled processor board attached to a PC through a PCI slot. Currently writing a linux driver for the board.

2003.07.14 - 2003.10.28
Senior Project. Advisor: Dr. Czernikowski. Multizone Thermostat with Remote Access Capability via the Internet (Linked Thermostat).
Design and execution of a proposed concept thermostat utilizing Computer Engineering skills gained from Rochester Institute of Technology's academics.

2003.01 - 2003.06
Prospective Study. Supervisor: Dr. Weiss. Internet-Based Prospective Data Collection in an Epidemiologic Study of Asthma and the Environment.
Design, implementation, and monitoring of an ASP/VBScript based prospective study tool involving asthma statistics amongst children compared with timely environmental conditions.

2002.09 - 2002.11
VLSI Project. Advisor: Dr. Hsu. 4x4 Array Multiplier with BIST.
Design, schematics, and layout of a 4x4 array multiplier with built-in self test capability. Entire project executed using the Mentor Graphics Design Suite.

2002.03 - 2002.05
Hardware Project. Advisor: Dr. Hsu. Heartbeat Monitor.
Design, simulation, and hardware execution of a heartbeat monitor using an opto-isolator sensor and a Motorola HC12 processor for data collection.

2001.09 - 2001.11
Software Project. Advisor: Dr. Vallino. Ticketing System.
Design and programming of a ticketing system in JAVA. Worked in a group of six team members, position: Team Leader.